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What do I do?



I tell folk tales, fairytales and fables from all over the world, but also fantastic, autobiographical, literary and improvised stories for young (from 4 years) and old. In many stories I make music, which is then an integral part of it.
I also do performances in which the music comes first. This is often for elderly people (with or without dementia), or people of all ages with a disability.

For years I have been doing the performances live in front of the public, but since May 2020 I have also immersed myself in digital storytelling via Zoom. (see Cuckarachita)


Since 2014 I organize and host a monthly storytelling café “Gember en Citroenen(Ginger and Lemons) with fictional and fantastic stories for adults in Amsterdam Noord.


Every Tuesday evening I coach other storytellers (digitally via Zoom).
Every third Sunday afternoon I do that live (before the start of the storytelling café).I also coach & direct storytellers one on one. In the search for form and presentation of a story (whether or not fictional) and I inspire the teller to convey the underlying message as effectively as possible.


Since I got my first harmonica on October 9, 1969 I haven’t been able to stop playing. In 1975 my first drum kit was added and 2 years later I learned my first chords on the (acoustic) guitar. The second half of the eighties I played as a street musician, first only in Amsterdam, later throughout Europe.

Where (and from whom) I learned the craft:

Teaching yourself to tell a clear and visual story takes time. Do it as often as you can. In as many different places as possible. Tell your child, your partner or colleague. Tell to groups of different ages, sizes and compositions. You do need the courage to critically examine yourself and your growth process. Please be patient with yourself. Learning a craft takes time.

I participated in a series of workshops organiced by the Dutch Storytelling Academy labeled as learning route ‘”Storytelling for a large audience”. I also graduated cum laude with “Augustus” (loosely based on the magically realistic fairy tale by Hermann Hesse) as a Storyteller at the stageacademy in the Flemish town of Lier.

At what locations do I tell:

As troubadour you can find me on very different stages (read more)

If you appreciate my work, you could buy me a cup of coffee.

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